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Sabayon Linux Wiki

Sabayon Linux is based on the source-based distro named Gentoo. Gentoo is a highly customizable distro and, using Gentoo's excellent development techniques, we have created a pre-configured distribution with the tenets of Performance, Versatility, and Stability. Sabayon is a rolling release, install once and stay current with entropy package manager.

Sabayon offers different repos, from stability to testing and even community repos. You can create your own personal repo to use for yourself or share with the rest of the community.

We are starting a fresh wiki and need your help with rebuilding material to help the Community

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- Multiple Supported Repos - Community Repos - Personal Repos
- Rolling Release - Binary - Source
- Desktop - Server - Build Your Own Spin
- Run From USB - Calamares Installer - Multiple Desktop Environments

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