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Regenerate initramfs

Sabayon uses Dracut as initramfs generator, for further customizations you can refer to the dracut wiki.


Sabayon ships an helper tool to aid user to regenerate initramfs, sabayon-dracut. You can use it to regenerate initramfs against specific kernel, or for every single one installed in your system.

To install sabayon-dracut, if not already present in your system, run as root:

equo install sys-kernel/sabayon-dracut

Now if you would like to rebuild the initramfs, for let's say your kernel 4.18, you can just run:

sabayon-dracut --rebuild 4.18

To rebuild the initramfs for all the kernel installed in your system:

sabayon-dracut --rebuild-all

You can also check the initramfs present in your system with: sabayon-dracut -L.